We are a freelance app development firm.
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How we work

The short version


We start with an idea, and then create it. Once done, we upload it to the play store & hope people like it.

2-8 weeks

Acquire Users

The next step is getting users to discover your app. We try to do this naturally, by creating great applications that users fall in love with.

1-4 weeks

Lift Off!

At this stage our app has been successfully launched - but it's not over. We contiunally listen to our users feedback and add new features accordingly.


Our Applications

Work we are proud of

Over 100,000 people have found our apps useful.

App Overview

Dota 2 is an extremely complex game with over 150 heroes and varying strategies. It has an extremely steep learning curve and is not too friendly for new players. We created this app to give back to the community and to help new players on their journey to learn the game.

Dota 2 Hero Guide

A fun Quiz App to test your Dota 2 Knowledge. Has varying levels of difficulty to test all skill levels.

Dota 2 Quiz

A simple way to calculate how many calories you should eat. Handy for bulking up or weight loss.

Calorie Calculator

A quick and convenient way to view your favourite cocktail recipes.

Best Cocktail Recipes

Listen to the relaxing sounds of rain to help you relax and sleep.

Relaxing Rain Sounds

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